How can we make great innovations happen?

We are in a time of unprecedented change. Techniques which may have helped an industry be successful in the past could potentially be fatal to them in the future. We need to adapt and evolve – figure out what to let go of and what to pick up.

Innovation can start with something you personally want to change, because you need to. Innovation can be as simple as adding something, removing something or turning something upside down. Sometimes innovation is finding a new use for an old thing.

There are three targets for innovation: – Try something brand new that we haven’t tried – Take something we’ve always done well, but we could change and be great at – Change something old that we’ve always done and never questioned Generally speaking, it has to contribute new value and be valued by others as better than what they have known. But it doesn’t have to be tricky. Some of the greatest innovations are often the simplest ones.

Where do you think the sheep industry needs to innovate – does it need brand new initiatives, does it simply have to improve, or does it need to stop doing things that don’t make sense? Have your say in the comments below.