Better Business Strategy and Decisions

AICD connected passionate rural leaders including Leesa Chen from Bega Cheese Export Sales, who shares how valuable it was learning from other people’s experiences. She also mentions how important it is to read, understand and question financial statements.

Richard Kohne from Mareterran in WA is all about structure and strategy. Management set an agreed strategy with the board, which ensures that if matters drift, there is a defined plan to bring things back on track. With certainty about the direction of the business you can also reduce bias when making decisions.

Mitch Highett, Managing Director of Bulls Eye AG now better understands the cornerstones of good business practices. The course emphasised the importance of setting good foundations, developing a strategy not just running and working the business, to ensure he can have strategic control over the growth of his business.

Taking time away from the day to day operations of his business to attend the on the ADIC program was very impactful for CEO Shane Francis. There is true value in scheduling time to plan business strategy and come together with peers to discuss your big topics.

Guy Coleman is a Precision Weed Control Scientist from the University of Sydney who very clearly explains why you need to develop an objective, quantifiable business strategy. Not only does this set a strong vision for the business but it ensures you can track progress against defined goals, and have measures in place if you hit a red light.

Kari Moffat, Compliance and Animal Welfare Manager at Wellard Rural Exports shares her appreciation for the AICD Foundations of Directorship program, and the foundational knowledge it’s given her to set up her own healthy and successful business. Why have a board, how to use key financials, developing strategic business plans and the frameworks that are needed, have built her director mindset.

What is a PESTEL? Nicole McDonald, a Social Science Researcher looking at future workforce requirements in the cotton industry, explains the importance of undertaking an external scan to understand any influences that could impact the future of the business. With the aid of the PESTEL method, Nicole will consider political, economic, social, technology, environment and legal influences.