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The Sheep Producers Australia Leadersheep Online is an Online Video Learning Portal that aims to educate and empower people working in the sheep industry.

Our vision is to provide you with quality videos, trainings and courses to improve not just your industry knowledge but also your leadership skills.

Leadersheep Online is free and open to all. It’s your opportunity to develop, connect and contribute.

Sheep Producers Australia

SPA Leadersheep Network

Your industry. Your voice. Your future

            Sheep Producers Australia works daily to ensure a productive, profitable and sustainable industry. This is achieved through SPA’s policy committees and the SPA board and working with members, service providers, government and many other partners. Sheep Producers Australia is the voice on issues that affect sheep production businesses. SPA does this through advocating for better business outcomes, monitoring investment of producer levies and improving information flow up and down the value chain. Sheep Producers Australia is the custodian of the Sheep Industry Strategic Plan (SISP), the blueprint for the industry’s future. This is delivered through consultation with industry and government to ensure levy investment is clearly directed and producers’ best interests are met through the provision of RD&E, services, programs and marketing.

Your Opportunity to Develop, Connect and Contribute

The Sheep Producers Australia Leadersheep Network connects sheep producers and people working in the industry who share the goal of driving industry growth and success. It’s a national network open to everyone in the sheep industry. It’s your opportunity to develop, connect and contribute. The Leadersheep Network provides opportunities to exchange ideas, share knowledge and contribute to the development of industry initiatives.

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